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Coolest Homemade Lady GaGa Halloween Costume

This Homemade Lady GaGa Halloween Costume is my take on Lady GaGa. It was inspired by a mixture of her early years (before she was famous and was bedazzling bras), her Poker Face and LoveGame videos and her “The Fame” album cover. I put everything together individually myself.

I got the jacket for $1 and the belt for 25 cents from Salvation Army, the fishnets, bra, crystals, rhinestones and silver eyelashes from WalMart, leather gloves from Hot Topic, rented the wig, used aluminum foil for the lightning bolt, and I already owned the spankies and leather boots.

The disco stick was made completely from scratch. Altogether it was made from PVC pipe, an LED flashlight, plastic cups, Styrofoam and hot glue. I started by gluing two plastic cups together, then cutting out crystal shapes from Styrofoam and hot gluing them onto the cups. I cut a hole in the bottom of one end of the cups big enough to place the top of the LED flashlight into it and taped/hot glued the cup in place on it. I spray painted the PVC pipe black and taped it to the end of the flashlight. I bedazzled around the flashlight a bit and, voila! A functional light up disco stick!

I made the signature GaGa sunglasses first by buying a pair of welder’s sunglasses from a hardware store. I bought strands of craft quartz crystals, placed them in a plastic baggie and cracked them with a rolling pin, creating a nice variation of shapes to use. I then hot glued the crystals onto the glasses (and added some to the bra and belt too to bring the whole thing together).

I did the lightning bolt on the face by cutting it out of aluminum foil and gluing it on with eyelash adhesive (much less abrasive than spirit gum).

Other than bedazzling the bra with rhinestone and hot glue, I think that covers just about everything! The whole thing ended up costing about $60 (which is pretty close to what you’d pay for a good store bought costume anyway). I had a blast putting it all together and enjoyed paying tribute to Ms. GaGa. I hope you all enjoy it too!

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