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Coolest Homemade Lady Gaga Bubbles Costume

I love Lady Gaga and her crazy fashion so I wanted to make the best Lady Gaga costume ever. I took the idea for my costume by mixing accessories from her Poker Face album cover, the disco bracelet, gloves, and disco mask with the bubble outfit that she wears in her Cherry Tree Sessions live performance of Poker Face.

I made the bubble dress by sewing do it yourself empty Christmas ornaments to a nude leotard. I made the disco mask by taking mirror paper and gluing to a blank mask in the exact design as her original mask. Her infamous disco stick I replicated by taking two plastic cups and gluing crystal dazzlers onto them. Then I put an electric glow stick inside it and taped it around a black stick that was a witch broom.

I worked making this Homemade Lady Gaga Bubbles Costume for over a month ordering supplies, and then spent hours sewing and gluing to put it all together.

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5 thoughts on “Coolest Homemade Lady Gaga Bubbles Costume”

  1. I wanted this costume to be exact in all the materials because lady gaga made her bubble outfit herself. I went to eBay and you have to find the empty Christmas ornament bulbs. They are meant to fill with your own ornament ideas. They can be bought in bulk and there are a few different sizes to choose from.

  2. wow! you are creative!!!!!!! That was the coolest Lady Gaga costume I’VE ever seen!! I’ve been thinking about how to dress up like lady gaga for Halloween, I thought of good ideas……. BUT U HAD THE BEST IDEA!!!! a few years ago my dad made a slim Jim costume for my brother out of a clear plastic trash bag…… IT WAS SO COOL!!! i cant decide whose idea i like better, but im kinda thinking you!!!


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