So I was shopping for costumes online and came across a “Sexy Pinocchio” costume that cost $90 for a costume that barely had any material to it. I liked it but not that much so I decided to recreate the costume myself and it really wasn’t that hard to do.

I tried to find a Pinocchio style hat but THAT was impossible so I borrowed a light brown fedora from my roomate and wrapped a blue ribbon around it and stuck a red feather in the band.

  • The vest was $12 from Forever 21.
  • The yellow bandeau was borrowed from a friend but was $5 from a little boutique.
  • The shorts were the most expensive. They were from American Apparel and cost about $50.
  • The shoes I just happened to have in my closet. They’re brown oxfords from Steve Madden.

To complete the costume, I tied a blue ribbon around my neck in a bow and there you have it, Pinocchio. Everyone loved my costume and loved how original it was. It was revealing enough but not overly revealing so it was perfect.