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Coolest Pinocchio Couple Costume

My boyfriend (world’s largest Pinocchio!) and I spent our Halloween at Disneyland this year, happiest place on Earth! Mickey’s Halloween Party doesn’t require everyone to dress up, but all of our friends decided to dress up as Disney characters. Our Homemade Pinocchio Couple Costume got so many compliments through out the night!
Plus, this costume was super easy to make:)

1. We both had yellow polo shirts and red suspenders.
2. I purchased my red skirt (which I also wore in my other Minnie mouse costume. I just added sticky white foam dots) from a local thrift store for $4.
3. White gloves were $1 each.
4. I also purchased the black vests from a thrift store for $3 each.
5. We both had fedoras, and I just put a blue ribbon rim with a red feather on the side ($1).
6. the Pinocchio nose had to be purchased from a Halloween store for around $6 each.
7. The large blue bow was the hardest to figure out, but was very easy to make!

I didn’t know where I could possibly find two large blue bows so I made it. Here is how:
1. purchase two blue felt papers from a local fabric store ($1).
2. cut one inch strip from the shorter side.
3. clench the original felt in the middle, and just wrap the 1inch strip around the middle, and glue it together. and WALA! its super easy and cheap. I like to wear bows for all my costumes and I use this method all the time now instead of running around Halloween shops searching for the perfect bow!

Homemade Pinocchio Couple Costume

Homemade Pinocchio Couple Costume

Homemade Pinocchio Couple Costume

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