Last year I was Pinnochio for Halloween! I bought the outfit from the local Goodwill and bought wood and yarn from Michaels to build the handle from (just crossed the sticks and looped the yarn all around and then glued it all together and stuck it down my shorts- also had to wear a girdle to keep it standing up straight on my back).

I found a similar hat to what he wears and glued a feather to it. I put on two pairs of white gloves to look extra puppet-ey, tall socks and brown wooden looking shoes. Finally I put on A LOT of blush, and used eyeliner to draw wooden joints on my elbows and knees. The costume came out awesome and I got lot’s of compliments. The best part, however, was being able to dance like a puppet all night since the moves are easy (because I’m not the best dancer). Also, everyone kept coming up to me and controlling my handle to make me dance as you can see in some of the pictures which was hilarious. What made this costume unique is that you would normally assume it to be done by a boy so it was fun to do it as a female.