My boys usually do some sort of common theme when it comes to their Halloween costumes and this year when we decided on Pinocchio. We knew we didnt want to go with the common Pinocchio/Geppetto or Pinocchio/Jiminy Cricket pairing. So we decided to go with a Homemade Pinocchio and Lampwick Couple Costume. For those of you who don’t remember the movie all that well. Lampwick is the boy that teaches Pinocchio how to be bad when they get to the island. He ends up turning into a donkey.

We chose to make him halfway through the process of turning from boy to donkey. So I made him dressed as a boy but with donkey ears and tail and face (you cannot see his face painted that well since he is holding a fake cigar in front of his face).

I found the jacket and vest at a thrift store and altered them, the pants we already had. I also found the hat at the thrift store as well and I made and added the donkey ears. I also made the tail and attached it to his pants. We painted his face with gray face paint around his nose, mouth and chin and outlined it in black to give the donkey face look, we also added the freckles he had when he was a boy. My husband made him a cartoonish looking fake cigar and a slingshot.

For Pinocchio I made the shorts and suspenders from thrifted fabric dyed red and embellished the sides by hand. I found an old white button down shirt and dyed it yellow, removed the collar and added a peter pan collar to it instead. I made the vest out of an old shrug I had and embellished the edging. I made the hat after several tries I finally created the correct shape and added a feather. I used blush to make his cheeks and the end of his nose pink. We decided against the long nose since my son says he doesn’t lie like Pinocchio LOL.