Pinocchio’s and his friends Jiminy Cricket, Figaro, and Cleo. I improved on my naughty Pinocchio cage Optical Illusion costume by adding a paper mache Pinocchio head and tree nose with a bird nest, leaves and flowers.  I painted the face with acrylic paints and  sealed the mask with clear spray paint. I added some twinkle battery operated lights with a timer and the Blue Fairy on the top of the cage.

The cage was made of cardboard, wire and bamboo and sparkle gold glitter spray. One pair of  Pinocchio red  short overalls, a black vest, hat with donkey ears and a furry grey tail.  Two pairs of gloves sewn together, stuffed wooden looking legs and brown Pinocchio shoe slippers. I added a small Jiminy Cricket Figure and  a large lock to complete the illusion.  One pullon suede skirt to cover your legs and the picture is complete. As the  story goes, a lie is as plane as the nose on your face. It’s better to be good than bad. Happy Halloween.