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Rescue Me! Gorilla Carrying a Cage Illusion Costume

I was carried around in a cage by a gorilla,  and I was rescued by my husband the hunter! I had a lot if fun with this costume. I made the cage out of Styrofoam and wooden dowels, that I painted silver. I stuffed a pair of pants and socks, put shoes on the feet. I then cut a gorilla costume in half and stuffed the top of the gorilla and attached it to the cage with its arms wrapped around it , and  the head above the cage, making it look like the gorilla was carrying  the cage.

I made the bottom of the cage with an opening so I could slip in. I put the bottom of the gorilla costume on, and I bought a piece of fur that matched the gorilla and my husband pinned it in the back of me because don’t forget,  I am in the cage and the gorillas head is above the cage, so we had to extent the gorilla.  I positioned the legs in front of me to make it look like my legs, and , WALLA ! I’m in the cage and the gorilla is carrying me.

My husband wasn’t far behind in his safari outfit and rifle . It was so funny, people actually  thought that I was in the cage, and they were asking the gorilla, thinking it was a man, if he was getting tired of carrying me around  all night . Think of their amazement when I told them it’s all me. It was a fun night, and I won first prize.

Rescue Me! Gorilla Carrying a Cage Illusion Costume

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