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Coolest Pinocchio and Jiminy Cricket Couple Costume

We came up with being Pinocchio and Jiminy Cricket because we wanted something that was funny for one tall and one short friend.

We bought: 1 yellow shirt, 2 red shirts, yellow felt, light blue felt, yellow fabric scrap, vest, hat, shorts from thrift store, Jiminy’s hat and face paint from party store, and a red feather.

We had: Blazer. Old white t-shirt, whatever that decorative zig-zag stuff you sew is called, green leggings, toilet paper roll, and martini umbrella.

Jiminy gets one red shirt with a yellow felt circle glued on. Just tie the yellow scrap around your neck, put on leggings, a top hat and blazer; finish with green face paint and a drink umbrella and you’re good to go.

Use the extra red shirt to make suspenders for Pinocchio and use yellow felt to give it big circle buttons. Cut an old white t-shirt for the collar and glue it into the yellow t-shirt. For the bow, just scrunch one piece of felt in the center, and cut a bit from another piece to wrap it around and hold it in place. Use the rest to decorate the hat. Add the red feather. Decorate shorts with that zig-zag fun. Vest on top. Put elastic or string in the toilet roll to hold it to your face.

Act silly and take fun photos and photoshop them together!

Pinocchio and Jiminy Cricket Couple Costume - okay, so it's photoshopped, but isn't it cute?

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