We started this Homemade Monstro and Pinocchio Couple Costume on Friday at about 7pm for a party Saturday night at 9:30pm. I would like to say it was easy and cheap, but it was a lot of work and quickly turned very $$$$. It was all worth it though.

The Whale:
The base of the whale was two cardboard boxes we had. We taped them together with duct tape and cut it into the whale shape. We used a coat hanger and bent it and put socks on it. We filled the whole thing with stuffing and then covered it with a blue bed sheet from target to give it a more round soft. We used another piece of cardboard for the bottom of the mouth. We used a red pillow sheet for the inside of the mouth. We used foam paper for the tongue and 3D foam for the teeth which we just cut into triangles with scissors. We installed two cloth should straps for support. The eyes were made out of the same type of foam as the tongue. The blowhole was made from a party city fountain centerpiece thing and the base was under a winter hat. The whole thing was held together with a lot of staples and tape and pins (the teeth were all on pins we put through the top and bottom of the boxes).

We bought a pair of red boxers and turned them inside out, bought a yellow long sleeved shirt and cut it. The dickie was made from a white t-shirt. The supsenders were made out of the same thing as the inside of the mouth of the whale. The buttons and triangles were cut from foam and sewn on. The bow was made of ribbon and a coat hanger. The hat was bought as well as a feather. We used the blue ribbon to pull it all together. The shoes were slippers we got at Target. The nose was made out of cigar tube and attached with latex. We had the jimney cricket pin.

This was a lot of work and a lot of fun. The Whale won Most Unique Costume.