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Rare Lizasaurus Rex Costume

This is my T-Rex Costume made entirely of cardboard boxes, a whole lot of duct tape, and some green spray paint. I love dinosaurs and I love to make costumes from boxes, so this was a lot of fun, despite the amount of logistics that had to go into engineering the articulating legs. I was really worried that the duct-tape on the joints wouldn’t hold up, and a leg would rip off mid-stride, but luckily all of my limbs stayed intact! I wore it to a work Halloween party and everyone loved it! I couldn’t walk 2 steps without being stopped for a photo (although I couldn’t really smile for any of them!) Aside from “Wow, great costume!” the number 1 comment I got was “Wow, your back must be killing you!”. At the time, I felt okay. But as I sit here now typing this, my back is not a happy camper. However, it’s all in the name of Halloween…the best day of the year!

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