My son comes up with the costume ideas for Halloween, and puts me to work.  So, we made an insanely huge dinosaur T-Rex Halloween costume. It’s hard to see how huge it was from the pictures. It stands about 8 or 9 feet tall, 4 1/2 feet wide, and 16 feet long.

Making the T-Rex Halloween Costume

So, I built our T-Rex Halloween costume out of metal electrical conduit and welded it together.  Then, I made a bunch of hoops from the conduit in order to act like ribs. After that, I welded a straight piece of conduit to the top and sides in order to hold them all together.

The head is made of aluminum that I bought at Lowes. Then, I covered it in great stuff expandable foam and carved out the shape of the head.  Also, I made a YouTube video, which you can see below, showing how I did it.

You can see, we covered it in foam rubber and a lot of it. It took a ton of foam, and about 10 cans of 3m 90 spray adhesive.

Then, it took about 2 gallons of paint to paint it.

DIY Costume Finishing Touches

On the inside of the costume, there are two monitors hooked to two night vision cameras. One camera is in the front on the neck, and the other one is above the tail looking out the back.

Also, there is a 20 watt amplifier hooked to 2 speakers.  I made an app (search costume soundboard) and then downloaded dinosaur sounds from Jurassic Park from YouTube.  I used a ringtone maker to chop up the clip and made 12 sounds for my dinosaur.

Anyways, if you have questions or comments about our homemade T-Rex Halloween costume, just message me!  Thanks for the consideration.