This past year my three friends and I decided we really wanted to wear tutus and just had to find the perfect group costume idea to support it. While playing one of our favorite games, Pretty Pretty Princess, it hit us! We will all be a princess – blue, purple, pink and yellow.

We decided to make our own tutus from tulle and elastic and simply paired a similarly colored tank-top to match. And of course we all wore the game’s colored jewelry to match and fought over the crown the whole night. It was a super easy costume to make, although it took a while to make the tutus, but it was well worth it. Everyone loved our costumes and it was fun to pretend fight over the crown the whole night.

In the end we decided whoever was able to keep all their jewelry until the end of the night would be crowned the Pretty Pretty Princess. I ended up not winning, but it was so much fun wearing a tutu the whole night so I didn’t mind at all!