Hello we are the Lujan family. I am Cathy the mommy, I work full time and go to school and have been happily married for 12 years. We have 2 beautiful children. Our son is 10 years old and he has high functioning autism. He is super bright, smart and very loving And he is obsessed with the Lego Movie. Our little girl is 7 and she is a little rock star. She loves to sing and dance and she is very compassionate and understanding and loves her brother unconditionally. I am always complimented on how good my children are and how awesome my son is and how willing my daughter is to helping everyone.


We are from a small town but I work hard to bring autism awareness to our community. I like to go all out on anything I do when it comes to my kids. They are my world. Since our son loves the Lego Movie he wanted to be Emmet and my daughter wanted to be Unikitty, so dad and I decided to join in on the fun.

These costumes took me a month to make and they are homemade with cardboard, tape, hot glue, paint, paper mâché, and lot and lots of hours of love poured into them. I wanted to make sure I got every detail. I started by doing research on Lego costumes and found some great ideas online. I found a large cardboard cylinder tube at Home Depot which is used to make cement polls. I cut it into 3 pieces just tall enough to cover each one of our heads. Then I got Pringles containers and cut it up into strips and hot glued it to the top of the cylinder which later I found out I didn’t need because it was going to be covered by the hair but it did help give me a surface to glue it. I then used primer paint to prep it for the yellow paint.

I painted all 3 heads yellow (Emmet, Wyldstyle, and Lord Business) then I had a friend paint the eyes and mouths because I wanted them to look extra animated.then I drilled out the eye holes. I figured out how to paper mâché and made 2 wigs one for Emmet and one for Wyldstyle. Once they dried after almost 24 hours I cut and styled them. Emmet got brown acrylic painted hair and Wyldstyle glossy black paint And added 2 strips of purplish-pink and teal duck tape to her hair with hot glue.

Then I went on the hunt for cardboard and got lucky and found a large box for a couch and cut it up into 6 triangle pieces to make the front and back of Emmet, Wyldstyle, and Lord Business. I used the scrapes to turn them into box triangles. I used duck tape to bind them and since it still was a little flimsy I used hot glue to make it sturdy. I used white primer to prep it then painted Emmet’s body Orange, Wyldstyle black and Lord Business grey. Wyldstyle’s jacket design was tough. I used grey to help make her curves and the zipper then purplish-pink and teal duck tape to make the graffiti design. Since the tape was too wide I taped it to photo paper and cut out the design then hot glued it to cardboard. Lord Business got black painted on it and an extra piece of cardboard that I cut and painted as lord business armor and shoulder gear. Emmet just needed silver reflective duck tape to finish off his construction vest and some black pockets and a blue pen.

I then made Emmet’s Orange pants, lord business grey pants and Wyldstyle black pants by using a pj sewing pattern. Lord Business used a grey dress shirt, emmets used a blue dress shirt and Wyldstyle used a black hoodie jacket. Lord business’ headpiece got cardboard “horns” and I found a battery operated touch light at the dollar store and hot glued it to the head piece. It was awesome how it lighted up but it was too bright so I painted over it with yellow and it worked great.

All 3 of those costumes were finally done then I started on Unikitty. I wanted my daughter to be as comfortable as possible so instead of a full body costume I got a normal sized box for around her waist and one for her head. I used primer and then painted them pink and white I cut out the eye holes and hot glued an old bike helmet to the inside of the box for her head to sit in so that she doesn’t have to try to hold the box on her head. I then painted on her face and found her some clothes to match Unikitty. I ran out of time or I would have made her a onesie type outfit.

I used cardboard to form the sides of the tail and duck tape to make the curve and stuffed it with plastic bags. I added some straps to help it from falling. The top of Unikitty’s head I made the ears from captain boxes and floral foam from the dollar store for the unicorn horn. And acrylic paint. The best part of making these costumes was that they were original and they are sturdy enough that my kids can still play with them after Halloween. We got so much attention anywhere we went.

Halloween morning we all dressed up and went to drop off the kids at school and all the kids attacked Lord Business it was hilarious. they both won best costume at their school for their grade level. When we went trick or treating everyone told us they “loved” our costumes and that we had the “best costumes” and that they were “AWESOME”. Lots of the home owners told me they thought it was great how the whole family dressed up and that I did a great job. Every time we left one house we got stopped to take a picture by other trick or treaters.

My kids loved the attention. My son waved at everyone and sang the “Everything is Awesome” song and gave everyone a thumbs up after getting candy and saying “thank you happy Halloween”. It was hard work but I’d do it again. Everything is awesome when you’re a part of a team !!! I love my team. Happy Halloween 2014.