Awesome Lego Movie Group Costume for Kids

Well, how we came up with the idea was me “encouraging” my kids to come up with a group theme for costumes! Last year they were minions and I loved the group idea and reaction. Our oldest is nine, so I figure I only have a few more years of “directed guidance” when it comes to costumes. :) We are huge Lego fans in this house and the Lego movie was no exception! Let’s just say ‘everything is AWESOME’ is being sung quite frequently over here!

My oldest (who is the biggest Lego fan in the family) wanted to be Lord Business pretty much from the get go and the younger siblings were quick to follow suit and the “sell” was pretty easy! They pretty much nailed their character decisions down in July, which is when I should have started working on the costumes; not the beginning of October! Lesson LEARNED! :)

From there it was all execution and they had pretty high hopes of transforming into actual Lego Mini Figs. That’s when the fun part for me begins, or rather the torture of sorts and sleep deprivation starts! I love coming up with the ‘how to’ part of projects. Where I am really good at coming up with a plan in my head, the actual plan can be a tad more difficult to execute and I curse my “plan” over and over again throughout the process.

And without fail I will tell myself the next step should come together super easy and quick and I almost always am stunned that 15 hours later I am done with the ONE quick and easy step! Haha! I like to fool myself! I guess it’s really the only thing that keeps me taking on projects. I am 100 percent an avid DIY-er but my sewing skills are sub-par and sometimes, ok, most the time I am shooting from the hip with each step, but I will tirelessly keep trying as not to let down those visions I know exist in my kids’ heads’ for how they will turn out, as well as my own standards of perfection. It’s all about the vision! :)

The supplies I used were fairly simple! Here is a quasi-quick breakdown of supplies and how-to’s:

Fabric, foam, camping mat foam, paint, zippers, poster board, cardboard, spray adhesive and an endless supply of hot glue! And of course as any good costume requires three empty economy sized pretzel jugs! ;)

I used 1″ foam for the body section, covered in fabric that was either embroidery stitched with details or painted depending on the characters requirements.

I used 1/2″ foam covered in fabric for the legs and attached zippers with hot glue. Not to mention the poster board templates I made to see if my “vision” would actually work! :)

Lord Business’ details: Shoulder piece was camping mat foam with poster board to “stabilize” it and the details were cardboard covered with fabric. The cape was fabric with stiff interfacing. Super stilts (as we named them) were wood, spray painted, and shoes epoxied on with straps just for good measure. (he did not last long on the super stilts come trick or treating in case there was any wondering! He preferred speed and candy accumulation over costume continuity!) :)

Wyldestyle: I covered the foam in sweatshirt fabric that I had sewn a zipper to, I cut the sleeves and hood off of a black sweatshirt. Re-lined the inside of the hood with pink fabric and attached it with a snap strip. And free-hand painted the graffiti pattern from the mini fig that I got to spend lots of quality time starring at!

Emmet: His is mostly fabric for all the body and leg details. I did copy the Emmet nametag onto fabric using the freezer paper method (that I googled for this very project and am now currently obsessed with! So easy and SO fun!)

The heads were all the emptied pretzel jugs with the tops cut off to make it so their heads could fit, and eye and mouth holes cut out and covered in fabric and the face details painted on. Wyldestyle and Emmet’s hair was camping mat foam covered in fabric.

Lord Business’ headpiece was a combination of Styrofoam and camping mat foam covered in fabric, and jar lids for the Lego piece.

All Lego hands were camping mat foam covered in fabric with fabric sleeves with elastic at the tops.

All that added with too many hours and sleepless nights and Dr. Peppers to count later the costumes came together and I couldn’t be more pleased with them and how excited my kids were with them which makes every bit of exhaustion and effort worth it.

The reaction to these costumes were AWESOME! The kids were like rock stars and everyone wanted to get pictures with them. People couldn’t believe they were 100% handmade! I had one lady say “well I didn’t see those at the store” and I just looked at her and said “No, No you did not!” :)

The reactions of everyone were pretty overwhelming and so, so kind and they all suggested I start making and selling them! I just laugh at that and say “I can only make these for the ones I love” because it truly is a labor of love and childhood expectations that keep me motivated throughout!

If I were to put a price on them, no one would buy them because it would be too ridiculous! :) I loved making them for my kids and I love conceptualizing a plan and thinking it through a thousand times over on repeat in my brain to have it come to fruition piece by piece and have it look just how I wanted them to. I do it so my kids are PUMPED to have these awesome costumes and Halloween memories! It really makes the tireless amount of time and energy all worthwhile! All in all “everything is awesome!” :)

Awesome Lego Movie Group Costume for Kids

Awesome Lego Movie Group Costume for Kids

Awesome Lego Movie Group Costume for Kids

Awesome Lego Movie Group Costume for Kids

Awesome Lego Movie Group Costume for Kids

Awesome Lego Movie Group Costume for Kids

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