I was brainstorming with friends, and my wife said you should be a port-a-potty, because that is where you spend most of your time anyways.  After that, I began constructing the costume!

I started with a large refrigerator box, which I painted and used mailbox letters and numbers to add the wording on the sides. Then I got a blow up doll, added a mullet wig, plaid shirt, and attaché dit to the back of the box to appear like he is carrying the port-a-potty.  Inside the box I used old pants and filled them with fluff to make the “knees”, I hung air fresheners and tap lights. I cut our the bottom to allow myself to slide to the top and placed straps to hold the hold thing on my shoulders once inside the box. I wear a t-shirt over the straps that is cut in the back in order to cover the straps. The rest is just the specifics of that evening, a magazine to read, hat on the blow up doll, etc. total time working on this costume was 30 hours.

I wore the costume for only an hour, as my wife and I went to a Halloween party, however, everyone loved it! The main response was how did you think of this, or I have never seen any thing like this before!