We took Styrofoam and made walls and painted the the color of most port a potty’s. I used duck tape to tape them together and cut out a door put a white roof on it. We used the foam to make a toilet seat and cut a hole in it for her to stand in and put a floor on it and painted those grey. We also made a soap dispenser and toilet paper holder, an urinal out of the foam and painted those.

We wrote graffiti on the walls and the door, printed off a cleaning sheet and put it on the wall. We sewed fake legs and put shoes on them and Paige wears a skirt to make it look like she is sitting on the potty. Paige got a lot of compliments on her costume, everyone loved it and wanted to know who’s idea it was. It was Paige’s idea and she is eleven years old.

She also got a lot of people making jokes like your costume is awful crappy. One man gave her a tootsie roll rolled up and its on the floor. Others would come running up and say they really needed to go. Little kids would just stand and laugh and one little girl was very confused and wanted to know why she was in there. Paige got 1st place at a campground costume contest she entered at a local campground.