My 10 year son,  Michael picked out what he wanted to be for Halloween this year! He loved it!  We started with a cardboard box, spray paint,  lots of duct tape, a back pack, paper mached head, glasses and an old t shirt.

We took the box and constructed it to look like a porta potty. We sprayed it blue and white and cut hole in back to fit his waist up in. We printed out details on the box like vents and a name and signs. We made legs out of noodles, hangers and skin colored pants, socks, underwear and jeans and boots!  We wrote stuff on the potty as you see on  it!

We put a light and toilet paper roll, empty of course. We put toilet paper on the floor and bottom of his boot! He put the backpack with the head and coat wig hat on his back then went in the hole, held a magazine. And he looked amazing!