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Polly Pocket Compact Costume

The base of the costume is a plastic container that was found at Hobby Lobby. Most other craft stores should also carry similar plastic containers. The container was spray painted pink. The inside is made from dollhouse furniture, washi tape, cardstock, stickers, and lots of glue! Pink backpack straps were attaced to the container, and it was worn like a back pack but on the front of the body.

The best part of making the costume was decorating the inside. I had fun planning out the design and style of each room featured in the compact. This is definitely a time consuming costume. I would suggest using a strong glue – like Gorilla Glue, and only glueing small pieces at a time. My idea for this costume came from my childhood. I still have all my Polly Pockets from when I was a kid.

The reactions to this costume were great! It is definitely a throwback, as these Polly Pocket compacts were popular in the eighties and early nineties. Everyone loved it, and many said it brought back memories.

Polly Pocket Compact Costume

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