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Plus Size Geisha Costume

For my Plus-Size Geisha costume, I found this “wig” at Goodwill. It was like $2.99 and I was dying because it was So cool. Originally it had just a little red bow and like 1 broken chopstick thing coming out but I could see the potential. I searched my closet and found a dress that I could work with.

Being plus size I wanted something to cover my arms so I looked in the closet and found a skirt that was similar material to the dress like a stretchy polyester. I cut the skirt in half and sewed it to dress making big like winging sleeves. I had bought a paper umbrella on spring clearance at the craft store to use for hot summers so I dug that out of the car trunk. Then I went to Walmart for some fabric to fold and make the belt wrap…it was heavy. But worth it. Last I bought some fake flowers from the dollar store and some hanging branch like flowers. I hand cut the little paper triangles to resemble what I had seen in a Geisha’s hair and attached them along with ribbons with hit glue. Tha make up was hard…so hard…the white kept cracking and I’d have to start over. It was difficult to get the right powder, cream balance. I finally just settled because it could’ve taken forever to keep starting over. I did win the contest at work and everyone loved it. My customers  were impressed and wanted to take pictures with me.

Plus Size Geisha Costume

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