Anime/Harajuku Street Style Couples Costume

Anime/Harajuku Street Style Couples Costume

Halloween is a time we can dress as anything, in any fashion we want. But on every Sunday in Japan around the Harajuku Station District young people dress however they want just because, they don’t need a holiday. The best part about the Harajuku style is that there is NO cookie cutter recipe, or certain … Read more

Mysterious DIY Black Gold Saw Anime Costume

anime costume

Black Gold Saw is from one of my favorite anime shows and I wanted to show my love for this character by creating this anime costume. Making the Anime Costume For the making of the sword, armor, belt and horns I created my own pattern and drew out the separate pieces to be put together … Read more

Over-the-Top Homemade Samurai Costume by “OCD” Dad

Over-the-Top Homemade Samurai Costume by "OCD" Dad

Let’s just start by saying this Samurai costume has been 4 months in the making give or take.  It started with a creative itch and a grown man’s love of  action figures kinda dream, I digress.  The costume is 98% recycled cardboard (most of which was hoarded from Costco as workers glared) the other 2% … Read more

Plus Size Geisha Costume

Plus Size Geisha Costume

For my Plus-Size Geisha costume, I found this “wig” at Goodwill. It was like $2.99 and I was dying because it was So cool. Originally it had just a little red bow and like 1 broken chopstick thing coming out but I could see the potential. I searched my closet and found a dress that … Read more

Amazing Handmade Samurai Costume and Armor For 8 Year Old Boy

Amazing Handmade Samurai Costume and Armor For 8 Year Old Boy

Our son wanted to be a ninja at first but realized that he was a ninja for a previous halloween.  We showed him a picture of a samurai and he said that was what he wanted to be.  After several design options his Dad found some old folders that looked leatherlike and were pretty stiff.  He … Read more

Sexy Homemade Geisha Costume

Sexy Homemade Geisha Costume

I always want to stand out in a crowd and wear something that no other person has, which is why I always make my own clothes and costumes. I designed and created my own Geisha costume by myself from scratch. I wanted to do a unique take on a traditional costume which is why I … Read more

Coolest Homemade Girl’s Geisha Costume

Coolest Homemade Girl's Geisha Costume

The beautiful Geisha! This year a fourth child was added to our group costume- and the theme was JAPAN. Two Samurai, a Geisha and a baby Hello Kitty. The Geisha kimono was home made from 2 yards of pink satin and one yard of orange. The Obi material was chosen from the decorator remnant bin … Read more

Coolest Rubbermaid Samurai Costume

Coolest Rubbermaid Samurai Costume 3

I’d always wanted to be a Samurai for Halloween, however real Samurai suits are super expensive and the cheap ones are well… cheap. I decided to go the crazy-person route and make my own Rubbermaid Samurai Costume! Over the course of 2 months and using almost nothing but Rubbermaid trashcans and a hard-hat, this is … Read more

Coolest Handmade Kunoichi (Female Ninja) Costume

Handmade Kunoichi (Female Ninja) Costume

I am a fan of ninjas and Japanese culture, so I decided to make a handmade Kunoichi (female Ninja) costume. I drew a sketch of what the costume would ideally look like, then took a three week period to put it together. First, I had to order the 51′ purple wig from China (Kanekalon wigs … Read more

Coolest Samurai Costume

Homemade Samurai Costume

The Samurai costume that I made using various found materials – mainly fabrics from curtains. The costume is comprised of a few parts: The apron containing the chest plate and skirt armor; the jacket that has the arm plates, forearm protectors, hand guards, and overcoat; the leggings that go underneath the apron; and the helmet … Read more