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Coolest Handmade Kunoichi (Female Ninja) Costume

I am a fan of ninjas and Japanese culture, so I decided to make a handmade Kunoichi (female Ninja) costume. I drew a sketch of what the costume would ideally look like, then took a three week period to put it together. First, I had to order the 51′ purple wig from China (Kanekalon wigs are look best, $30).

For the outfit: I made the mask with black canvas cloth, I dyed a white karate gi greyish black then cut and sewed it to form-fit my torso ($15), I cut the feet off of a pair of knee-high leather boots to make the leather shin guards. Underneath I wore a black top and leggings with open lace on the side.

I finished it off with Tabi socks ($2), thong sandals (that I hot glued purple and black strips of fabric onto) ($3), a purple satin sash found at a martial arts store ($6), fishnet arm warmers ($5) and boxing hand wraps ($10) (tied over the fishnet on my arms).

Altogether I paid about $75 for this handmade Kunoichi (female Ninja) costume (note: excluding the costume eye contacts, which were bought years ago), and put about 3 hours of work into it. Not bad for an awesome result that impressed at the Anime convention and Halloween Parade in NYC!

The Initial Drawing of my Costume Design. A Few Things Were Changed Due to the Cold Weather

Ninja Postures Necessary With This Costume!

At the 2010 New York Comic Con

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