Coolest Homemade Female Pirate Wench Costume

For this Homemade Female Pirate Wench Costume, I was more than a little inspired by ‘The Redhead’ from the Pirates of the Caribbean ride at Disneyland…however,as it was a last-minute costume (I had only two days to make it as I’d just been invited to a Pirate Party that weekend)I didn’t happen to have any bright red velvet on hand, so had to change the color scheme a bit and make do with some pretty wine-colored fabric that I did have.

I made a simple skirt and top (any renaissance pattern will do.) Under this I wore a chemise (ditto), and over it made a quick corset/bodice top from a repurposed pair of leather pants I found at a thrift store (I will post more on this later–it’s very simple and looks great!).

The hat, believe it or not, is just shaped from cardboard,with wine colored velvet glued over that, and silk flowers added.

I tied a thin black velvet ribbon around my neck for a choker, added some fishnet stockings and high black leather boots (found at the thrift shop) (oh, and fake eyelashes too!) to complete my look :)

Homemade Female Pirate Wench Costume

Homemade Female Pirate Wench Costume

Homemade Female Pirate Wench Costume

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  1. The costume us very good and if there was a contest you would be sure to win it. You are very talented and also seem like a very nice lady. And again your costume is amazing

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