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Coolest Rubbermaid Samurai Costume

I’d always wanted to be a Samurai for Halloween, however real Samurai suits are super expensive and the cheap ones are well… cheap. I decided to go the crazy-person route and make my own Rubbermaid Samurai Costume! Over the course of 2 months and using almost nothing but Rubbermaid trashcans and a hard-hat, this is what I ended up with.

The main torso armor is made from 2 full size trashcans, the shoulders and helmet are made from thier lids. The “skirts” are made from several wastebaskets, and the whole thing is lashed together with thin rope. I hand carved the dragon insignia on the helmet and I made the mask out of a couple of off-the-shelf masks. Oh… the sword is real and I carried it all night.

Coolest Rubbermaid Samurai Costume 3

Coolest Rubbermaid Samurai Costume 3

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