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Mysterious DIY Black Gold Saw Anime Costume

Black Gold Saw is from one of my favorite anime shows and I wanted to show my love for this character by creating this anime costume.

Making the Anime Costume

For the making of the sword, armor, belt and horns I created my own pattern and drew out the separate pieces to be put together later. I bought some EVA foam and cut out the shapes of the pattern individually.

The most expensive part was the Worbla. Worbla is a thermoplastic material which becomes flexible and moldable when heated to a certain temperature. Worbla was the most important component for this costume as it gave structure, support and a good surface for painting once heated and cooled to the appropriate shape. During the painting process I added some shadows to the armor to give it more depth and detail.

Making the Shoes

The shoes were another story and it took 3 tries in making them to get them looking perfect and still easy to walk in. I made small stilts about 3 inches high with wood and took an old pair of boots with a heel and glued them to the stilts to make me taller. To cover up the stilts and boots, I took thin pieces of cardboard and cut out the appropriate shapes to go around the boots. Then I covered it in fiberglass for a good surface for painting and to give it a nice finish.

Making the Shorts

The shorts were simple as I bought a pair of black undershorts and sewed on the belt loops and stripes. For the jacket, I took an old pattern for a shirt and altered it to the shape of her jacket. Then I sewed on the stars and stripes.

Makeup: The Finishing Touch

The makeup was especially important and I wanted to have a fierce “don’t mess with me” look. So I put on a lot of eyeliner and the red contacts also did the trick.

If you have any questions about my costume feel free to email me :)

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