Coolest Lady Ciel Phantomhive Costume from Black Butler

This Lady Ciel Phantomhive costume from Black Butler was super fun to make! It was a little on the expensive side for materials, but it was very entertaining. I had to make a hoopshirt, pin-on bows, flowers to go on the hat, and the pink over slip and white underlayer! I bought the wig and the gloves online, because I’m no good at making those. xD

I went to a few anime cons and trick-or-treating a few years in a row with this, and I love getting asked by other Black Butler fans for pictures! Everyone who has seen the anime recognizes me, and it’s fun to pose with them.

It’s a little hard to breathe in, mostly because I have to wear a corset under it, but it’s all worth it!

I won three contests with this costume, none for prize money, but for other tee-shirts and anime merchandise. I won at a local costume party, at Shutocon, and at the mall con.

To make this awesome costume, you need:

  • thick white fabric
  • light pink fabric
  • pink ribbon
  • a pink hat
  • pink flowers
  • glue
  • safety pins
  • black gloves
  • black ribbon
  • white lace
  • thick wires
  • any color fabric for the hoop skirt
  • and a pre-made wig.

To make this super-fun costume, you need reference pictures, so just search: Lady Ciel Phantomhive reference pictures.

Then, what I did, was to lay in the center of the white (or your choice of color) fabric, wrapping it around your waist and pinning it. Then, bend a wire around your waist and glue it together. Make two more wire circles, each slightly bigger than the last. Sew the petticoat fabric around the wire circles, and wallah! A petticoat to make your Ciel dress go poof!

Next, follow an online pattern or reference pictures for the pink and white overlayers. I was unsure how to make the ruffles, so I simply googled it, and found that you bring each layer in a bit before sewing.

Make big, full pink bows, and slip a large safety pin in the center.

Next, take the black ribbon and lace up the white on the back, much like one would a corset.

Make sure your costume still fits after every step, because it’s simply heartbreaking when you get done and find that your beautiful costume is no longer fitting!

It was so much fun to make this Lady Ciel Phantomhive costume from Black Butler, and would make it again if a friend or family member wanted one!

Coolest Lady Ciel Phantomhive Costume from Black Butler

Coolest Lady Ciel Phantomhive Costume from Black Butler