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Sexy Solo Cup Costume from Scratch

I wanted something creative and not too time consuming. I was sick of the typical store bought costume and really didn’t want to do that 2 hour walk through the store, trying on every costume possible. I started browsing Pinterest and saw some cute homemade ones but nothing ever really stuck out to me. I finally saw a version of a solo cup that someone else did and thought – “i can do that – but better.” All the versions I had seen were people went out and bought a red dress, or wore a red skirt and a red tank and just glued felt letters to it. I wanted to completely make this from scratch – and so I did.


I went to Michael’s to look for fabric. I wanted something easy to breathe in but still be easy to work with. I chose a cotton fabric – but any stretchy fabric will do. I got 2 ½ yards of red cotton and 1 yard of white cotton. I wanted to have enough of the red for any errors since there was no template for this costume and I was working on the fly with it. I also decided that I didn’t want to mess with constantly ripping out stitching to get the right measurements if I happened to measure wrong – so I decided to sew in a zipper.

I measured from my armpit to my thigh (where I wanted the dress to stop), measured around my hips, around my waist and around my butt to make sure I had plenty of room when I cut the panels to make the dress.


I cut the front panel first. Then I cut the two back panels and sewed in the zipper on the back where I wanted it. I left about 1/4” along each edge when sewing. I hemmed the bottom of the dress about ½” just to be on the safe side. The top part was tricky. I not only put in a zipper on the back but I made the top have an elastic band I didn’t want to be pulling up my dress all night so I had to make sure it was tight enough I could breathe but loose enough that it didn’t look plastered on me. The elastic band was 3/4” and was covered with the white fabric. 

Adding the letters

I thought about cutting out the S-O-L-O letters and sewing them onto the dress but I didn’t really have the patience for that and I couldn’t find a template I liked enough that would let the letters look legit. I printed off the SOLO logo, cut each letter out, traced it onto the dress and used puffy paint to fill in the letters. I used my hair dryer to make sure that the puffy paint dried well enough and fixed any little spots that hadn’t been filled in the first time around.

Accessorizing the Cup

To add to the costume I made pong ball earrings. I bought the stud part for your ear and hot glued them to pong balls. I wore black boots with the dress because what cup has legs? So I improvised.

The trial and error with the dress was the hardest part. You can measure all you want, but when making something like this, you have to think about how tight you want it, where the zipper will go, what type of fabric you want and where your body is “biggest”. I have a bigger butt and when making the back panels I had to take that into consideration despite the fact that I had already measured myself. At every stage, I tried as much of the fabric on as possible before cutting so I didn’t cut too much. This took about a week to make because of the sewing and premeasuring!

Sexy Solo Cup Costume from Scratch

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