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Cool Solo Cup Girl Group Costume

My friends and I decided to be the famous red cup for Halloween.  It was really simple to make and totaling $8 for each of us.  Make sure you find coupons! :)

We got all our supplies at a craft store.  The red “dresses” are just large t-shirts and we have our body’s through the hole for the head (Make sure your shirt is big enough).  The arm sleeves of the shirt are tied together behind your back, the tighter you make them, the more fitted it will be.

The Solo cup lettering is just white felt, we printed out the logo and traced/cut and just hot glued it on.  Make sure you try the dress on first, so you know where you want the letters to be glued, even though it looks like we put them on the left of our shirts, it’s almost centered with our neck hole.

We bought white ribbon to glue around the neck hole, this gives it the white rim look, and hides how we are stretching the neck hole to squeeze our bodies through. haha.

And for our finishing touch, we bought ping-pong balls and made them our earrings.  We bough earring supplies at the craft store.

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