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Sexy Red Solo Cups College Costume

My friend Lauren and I decided that we needed a great costume for our first year in college, and what better a costume for college than something alcohol related? So we went to Wal-Mart, and honestly, we had the toughest time finding a proper tub that would look like a cup and would fit around our bodies. Finally we decided on those plastic tubs you use at barbecues to hold your drink. We also picked up two pairs of suspenders, a bouncy ball and tons of duct tape (we’re talking five rolls of red and two rolls of white duct tape).

By the end of this three hour shopping extravaganza, our friend Jon wanted to kill us for being so indecisive. Another thing we didn’t consider was that we would have to get back on a public bus and carry all of our supplies with us. The next night at school, we couldn’t hold in our excitement to start these costumes. But first we had to cut the bottoms of the tubs  off, and neither of us were quite experienced in using a box cutter. It took a good hour to cut through the hard plastic but we could already tell that these costumes were going to be fantastic.

I got the job of duct taping the whole costume, the rim we did in the white duct tape, and then we did the whole bottom in red, just like a solo cup. We then took the suspenders and duct taped them into the inside and had to figure out exactly where to clip them so it would cover most of our bodies. By the time we were finished, it looked like we just created oversized red solo cups. Halloween weekend, we got all dolled up, even using fake pearl earrings to look like pong balls. We were going to go out in just shorts and our bras underneath the costumes, but since the weather at our college is crazy, right before we went out we threw black sweaters on. We had barely left the building and people were already loving them.

These costumes were great. As the night went on, we were getting more and more appreciation for our “brilliant costumes” and how “sexy and creative” we were. People were making puns up (“You girls ain’t going home Solo tonight”) and wherever we went people would sing “Red Solo Cup” by Tim McGraw. It was probably one of the best nights of our college careers (so far….we are only in our second semester of our freshmen year) and we are already trying to come up with costume ideas to top that.

Sexy Red Solo Cups College Costume

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