Solo Cup Costume

Here’s my Solo Cup costume. I used a beach ball for the cup and spray painted it white, some pipe insulation for the rim and painted that white. I also wrapped the pipe installation around the outside and it stayed on pretty well throughout the night.

I used a bendable plastic to shape the cup and glued the seams with a hot glue gun so that it didn’t come apart. You have to make sure that you hold the seam or make sure you have something to hold it together. I tapered the bottom just so I had enough room to walk around comfortably, and made the top wider.

I spray painted the plastic red once I had the seam completely glued together. I used straps on the inside ( one for each shoulder) to hold the cup in place and so I could walk around. The straps can be from an old back pack or any straps will work. Make sure that you measure the straps to your body before you attach them to the Solo cup costume. This will keep it in place and also keep your hands free. I attached the straps by using snaps or screws that went through the plastic . This was a bit time consuming but well worth the time and effort for a well received costume at a party that we attend every year

I wore a yellow sweater to represent the beer in the cup , but you could choose to wear anything like a beer shirt etc. I look at this site every year to see the creativeness of others and this is my first time submitting a pic of one of my costumes.

I had a really great time making this costume!

Coolest Homemade Costume Contest 2023

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