Original Cheshire Cat Costume for Women

I made this clubby Cheshire Cat costume head-to-toe!

I handmade the corset using a simple pattern from Joann Fabrics – it laces in the back with alternating pink and purple ribbon long enough to drape down to my knees. I then made a patch worked round skirt that tied with ribbon, and laid it over a super easy homemade tutu (no patterns). I left the edges raw to give it a distressed, post-apocalyptic feel.

I patch worked pink and purple fur to make the boot covers and wore them over super high platform boots.

The ears were made with fake fur and hot-glued onto hair clips. The hair piece was created using fake synthetic hair, dreaded and tied to lace, then tied around two side buns. Adding pieces of coordinating foam strips and ribbon gave the pigtails volume and character. To add whimsy, I made a “Chesire grin” out of crafters foam and glued it to a painted wood stick. I added the words, “Go ask Alice” and “We’re all mad here…” to either side of the stick to further the “Wonderland” effect.

As you can guess, this is not a “literal” Cheshire cat – but more of a heavy ‘nod’ to the Cheshire Cat so I could express my own creative style.

Original Cheshire Cat Costume for Women

Original Cheshire Cat Costume for Women

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