My daughter wanted a Cheshire Cat costume from The Disney cartoon version of Alice in Wonderland. The costumes you could purchase online were either too babyish or too grown-up sexy for a tween-ager. So I jumped into action! I found it a challenge to create an age-appropriate costume that was really cool. I started searching on the internet for Cheshire Cat ears, tail, a dress, leg warmers and cat gloves.

The Cheshire Cat from the cartoon has challenging colors but I was really lucky to find pieces that matched perfectly. Let me tell you, Etsy is an awesome resource for costumes pieces and accessories. The ears and tail were hand made by Etsy artist Ms. Kitty\’s Closet. She was able to make them a size that would fit a kid.

Etsy artist, Pawstar, are the geniuses behind the lag warmers and cat gloves. They also made a custom order using my daughter\’s measurements to make pieces that would fit her petite frame. With about two weeks to Halloween time was tight and these artists turned out beautiful costume pieces that made it awesome.

The Cheshire Cat costume also consisted of a handmade skirt and furry vest which my Mom-in-law helped us create. It was touch and go on the vest as the first order I had placed for the pink and purple striped fur was out of stock and I had to find another supplier. Luckily the fur got to us three days before Halloween and the vest was our last piece!

We added a little face make-up, purple tights, a hot pink long sleeve t-shirt, a homemade Cheshire grin on a chopstick and voila! The Cool Cheshire Cat costume was born! My daughter and her costume won second place for all of seventh grade at her middle school costume contest! The costume did some trick-or-treating and went to a teenager Halloween party Halloween night. We got a lot of compliments from everyone we saw on Halloween! Check out the pics!