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20+ Coolest Homemade Cheshire Cat Costumes

There are so many wonderfully eclectic characters in Lewis Carroll’s Alice in Wonderland. One of the most memorable and unsettling of them is the famous pink and purple cat up in a tree. He provides tons of fantastic homemade costume inspiration. To that end, you need to check out this collection of the coolest Cheshire Cat costumes for Halloween.

One of his most distinguishing characteristics is his smug, self-satisfied smile. It is designed to put someone off guard rather than making them feel comfortable. Especially as he tends to disappear!

The DIY costumes here pay homage to his iconic grin and striped body. However, no two homemade costumes here look the same. They range from adorable to sexy. The possibilities are truly endless.

So discover the DIY secrets of creating these awesome Cheshire Cat costumes. Please share your own fabulous costume creations with us here!