Gothic Queen of Hearts, Alice in Wonderland, and Cheshire Cat. We ended up having most of this in our closets between the three of us. Cat ears and cat tutu were bought, everything else was a last minute piece together between us three girls. Hair was ratted and makeup overdone, and fishnets all around. We wanted a steam punk version of these three characters.

Cat: Leotard, spandex overshirt, fishnets, boots all from my closet. Tutu, ears, and dreadlocks from Etsy

Alice: Entire costume from closet

Hearts: Tutu from vintage shop purchased for another costume, corset purchased for a previous costume as well everything else from closet.

It was a great experiment in making things work with very little time and feeling really good about the outcome. We have used these costumes on multiple occasions and added to the characters including the Mad Hatter, White Queen, and The White Rabbit. These had more time and more was purchased.