Awesome Homemade Adventure in Wonderland Group Costumes

Every year my husband (Mad Hatter) and I (Queen of Hearts) host a Halloween party for our friends and neighbors.  I have always loved Halloween growing up and had some really awesome homemade costumes, plus my parents used to build and host a haunted house every year for a local organization.   You could say that my love of Halloween is genetic! This year my sister (Cheshire Cat) was visiting for Halloween and we wanted to go as a group theme.   Alice in the Wonderland it was (minus Alice)! We got awesome responses from our costumes.  Everyone was blown away that I made the Mad Hatter hat, my crown, skirt, heart staff, etc.  I think my favorite comment that I received was….wait what on your costume did you NOT make!

So here is the run down on our Adventures in Wonderland group costume.

Mad Hatter – My husband wanted to buy a hat, but I told him I could make it! I used cardboard and duct tape to construct the hat and covered it with green velvet fabric.  My husband was very particular that the fabric must be tight against the hat with no baggy or lose areas.  I satisfied his request, and I know I made a better hat because of it.  I decorated the iconic hat with an orange piece of fabric for the scarf, some peacock feathers and the 10/6 price tag.

For the rest of his outfit we went to the thrift shop and found (in the ladies section) the bright green top and scarf he used as a bowtie.  The jacket was his and the pants we also found at the thrift shop.  We completed his look with a little bit of black eyeliner and some white hairspray.

Queen of Hearts – I started with the skirt.  This was the first time I ever made a tutu, but it was seriously easy and actually pretty fun.  After I attached all of the pieces of tulle I cut out red hearts out of felt paper and glued them to the tutu.  I then started constructing my crown.  I found this really awesome sparkly gold foam and cut out the design and glued it into a crown.  I then cut 2 holes in the bottom and slid a headband through so it would stay on my head.  I made my staff using a dowel rod and a foam cone that I carved into a heart, glued them together and painted with sparkly red paint.  For my top, I already had the black halter top so I pinned more red felt hearts to the front.  I made the high collar using a stiffer felt fabric and attached a ribbon to the bottom.  I then wrapped the ribbon around my halter top strap and pinned it so it stayed up.

I completed the outfit by pinning my hair up crazy to hide the headband, lots of black eyeliner and of course the red heart lips.  I got so many awesome comments and people were just generally impressed that I made everything!!

Cheshire Cat – My sister was able to pull her costume together very quickly by finding a purple top and tights and then 2 pairs of pink tights that she cut up to make her stripes.  She found some socks to use for her tail and a few head bands to pull her look together.  We painted on the Cheshire Cat smile and painted her face purple with black whiskers.

Overall I am really happy with how our costumes turned out! We even watched the original Disney movie while we were getting ready to help us get into character.  I’m already starting to think of costume ideas for next year and how we can possibly top this year!

Awesome Homemade Adventure in Wonderland Group Costumes

Awesome Homemade Adventure in Wonderland Group Costumes

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