Unique and Sexy Cheshire Cat Costume

I had fun making this Cheshire Cat costume. I have always loved Alice in Wonderland, the Disney Version! I picked up furry boot covers at a Halloween store, then I cut and glued them together to create the striped look. I did that for the tail as well, then stuffed it full of cotton, added an elastic loop to attach it.

I used the leftover fur, added it to pre-made/bought black cat ears, then made a purse with the rest. I made the tutu with a no-sew tutorial and paired it with a tank top I already had. To finish my costume off, I made a smile and attached it to a stick, made a few bracelets with pony beads, and added fishnet gloves.

It took eight kids nap times to get this costume put together! It was all worth it! Hope you enjoy this costume and tutorial, make it your own, add a wig or tights! Enjoy!




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