During this year I did a little experience with a costume maker, it was the best thing I ever did. So I decided this year it was about time to make a full on proper Halloween costume because Halloween has always been such a big passion of mine. My favorite musical ever was “Cats”  so I did some research on the costumes used in that musical, and decided to make a Cheshire Cat costume from Alice in Wonderland! I especially wanted a big tail, the only time of year you can get away with a tail, so I just had to!

Part 1:

I started with the leotard, purchased some pink Lycra and attacked the sewing machine. I stitched up a run of the mill leotard to fit me, and I fitted to a mannequin but I made sure to cover the mannequin in plastic bin liners first so I wouldn’t get paint on my mannequin. I used a mixture of pink and purple acrylic paints, and also black permanent marker, to get a ‘hairy textured’ look to the leotard.

Part 2:

Was stitch up some long haired fur I purchased onto the neck of the leotard, and onto the wrists, I then made baggy leg warmers, easy to make with just one runner stitch up and down.

Part 3:

I got an old belt and painted it with the same colors that I used on my leotard, then came the tail. With calico I measured to of the same sized patterns roughly 3 ft long, stitched them together, then with strong fabric glue I pieced together piece after piece of pink and purple fur, left to dry. To fill it out I then got an old pillow, and took the stuffing from the inside of it and put it in the tail. Stitched it to my belt and hey presto, my tail.

My face paints were a simple use of snazaroos pink, purple, black and white. I also purchased a long pink wig and style to big ears into it, using a back combing brush.