Coolest Cheshire Cat Homemade Costume

I made a Cheshire Cat costume for the event we have once a year here in Germany. It is called AnimagiC. It is a cosplay festival. My friends and I wanted to create a cosplay for us all together so we decided to do the characters out of Alice in Wonderland. Everyone of us has chosen a character. I chose the Cheshire cat and today I finished the last parts of it. It was pretty expensive. I bought material for about $50, a wig for $15 and the makeup for again $15. I did not know that this costume will be that expensive but I had a lot of fun sewing it. I think I have got a great costume now.

I started up sewing the pullover out of streching material. Before I did that I cut the material in the middle so I could dye half of it pink and the other half violet. Unfortunetly the pink is not that dark and not as pink as it was supposed to be but still I think it looks good. Out of the dyed part I made a pullover and strech pants. The skirt is out of fake leather. The furry parts are out of fur material and it’s realy warm underneath. The ears are also made out of the fur and sewed to the wig.

Coolest Cheshire Cat Costume

Coolest Cheshire Cat Costume

Coolest Cheshire Cat Costume

3 thoughts on “Coolest Cheshire Cat Homemade Costume”

  1. That’s the most fantastic Cheshire cat costume I’ve seen! :-) And I’ve seen a lot because I want to dress up as one for this Halloween and I’m in the process of looking for inspiration :-) Well done to you!

    P.S. I’d love to know where you got the furry fabric…

  2. I got it online :D since i live in germany on a german webpage but im sure you can find it also on ebay its the 7cm long fur fabric in purple and pink

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