Homemade Cheshire Cat Halloween costume – I didn’t like the store-bought costumes and wanted to come up with something fun!

JUMPER: couldn’t find striped fabric, so I chose one yard each of purple and pink fleece fabric, cut them into 2” strips, and sewed them together for Cheshire cat fabric (used fleece so that I wouldn’t have to finish any of the raw edges). Traced a one-piece jumper for suit pattern, left opening in back with snap closure, added stuffed tail in the back, and snaps in the inseam.

HEAD: used jpg image from online to use for head pattern by enlarging it enough to fit a 6-month old, cut a hole for the face leaving lower section open, hot glued the front & back pieces together around seam, stuffed the top section of the head, hot glued fabric inside to keep stuffing in place and to have something soft against my little one’s bald head, used the face details from the jpg image as a pattern for the remaining pieces – lighter pink around mouth, eyes, nose, whiskers, etc. Added the google eyes just for fun and made a candy bag since there was enough fabric.

She wore this homemade Cheshire Cat Halloween costume like a champ without any fuss. Kept her nice and warm in the cold, as well.