Coolest Cheshire Cat Costume

My family decided to be the characters from Alice in Wonderland. I chose the Cheshire Cat Costume. I bought the dress since I didn’t have the time to make it. I looked for a pink and purple striped dress and found one at wet seal. I then made the tail (which is my favorite part of the costume).

To make the tail you need: fabric, some type of fuffy material (I bought boas in pink and purple), stuffing, and a stiff but bendable wire. You take your fabric and cut two big rectangles. One one of the shorter sides cut the edge to make it look like a half circle. Sew the two piece together but leave the other short end open. take your wire and then bend it into a U shape at the end and stick it into your tail. Then stuff your tail. Sew close the opening, then wrap your tail in your fluffy materials/boas in stripes switching colors when the stripes get the thickness you want.

For the ears you need: scraps of fabric, fluffy material, stuffing, and a headband. I just cut out 4 ears and sewed two cut outs together to make one ear and stuffed it. Then repeat for the other ear. I then hot glued the ears and boas onto the headband.

For the gloves you need: a pair of white gloves, pink fabric, and boas. I cut off the fingers of the gloves leaving just a little left of each finger. Then I cut out paw prints from the pink fabric and hot glued them onto the gloves. Lastly, I hot glued boas around the wrist of the gloves and striped the back of the gloves.

I just wore shorts underneath the dress and safety pinned the tail onto the dress and shorts. Put on the gloves, ears, and cat stickers (wiskers, and pink glittery nose) that I bought at Wet Seal. I paired the costume with tall black boots and a purse shaped like a tree.

Coolest Cheshire Cat Costume 5

Coolest Cheshire Cat Costume 5

Coolest Cheshire Cat Costume 5

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