I’ve always been obsessed with Marie Antoinette and decided this was the year I’d finally dress up as her. I wanted a new take on her though, not just the normal short poofy dresses. So I decided to do a sort-of Marie Antoinette in her undergarments. I already had this amazing corset and just re-laced the back so it would have multiple bows ( sorry no picture).

The bottoms I made out of simple white muslin and trimmed them with a ribbon and lace combo I made. The wig, oh the wig. I bought a cheap $15 dollar super long wavy wig that matched my hair color from a costume store. I then made a frame out of wire and attached it to the top of the wig. I teased all the hair and attached it to the form giving it it’s height.

I then bombarded the thing with feathers. The back was completely covered in pink and peacock feathers and pink flowers (sorry no picture again). Then I of course had to add in the well known ship, my favorite part. I made the ship out of a model set I had ordered online and hot glued that baby in there. Then I added the blue feather to be a sort of “ocean”. When placing the wig on I left some front tufts of my hair out of the wig cap and teased them into the wig so that I would have a natural hairline. Sorry I forgot to take good pictures really showcasing the costume.