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Lost Drummer Girl Costume

Throughout the year I tend to collect bits and pieces of Halloween accessories and costume parts before actually deciding on “what” I will be.  Local thrift shops and swap meets/flea markets tend to provide the best potentials, like the single drum I found one day.  Then weeks later came across an authentic marching band hat with feather.  A second hand high school band top was easily turned into a cute dress by adding some length to the back along with ruffles beneath and trim to decorate my drummer girl costume.

The local Halloween outlet sold fake microphones which worked out perfect as drum sticks, long white gloves, a blond wig, and an awesome pair of stacker boots I acquired from an ex go-go dancer finalized the outfit.  The best part though, was the face.  It was originally part of a Halloween mask display stand at the Halloween supply store which I sliced holes in the eye area and cut off the chin at the lower lip, giving it a creepy kind of mannequin puppet look.

It was great because all heads turned as I entered any room simply because I would give myself a loud drumroll, then the whispers would start……with the added 7 inch height of the stacker boots, my “drawn in” cleavage, and the creepy mask – people were unsure if I was a man or a woman under all that!


Lost Drummer Girl Costume

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