My friend Mariah and I have never missed a school dance, like ever! So the annual Halloween dance was quickly approaching. We always went as the same thing, just not identical. We also usually picked the costume  a couple weeks before the dance. Well this time, WE FORGOT! So the day before the dance I was like “Oh my gosh.” We went out and bought some high rise shorts, ugly nerdy looking tops, suspenders, nee-high socks, sneakers, 3D movie glasses, electrical tape, and paper. Majority of the items were purchased at our local Goodwill for under $10, as some we had lying around our house’s.

The next day we threw on the high rise shorts, and nerdy tee’s. We tucked our shirts in. Popped out the lenses of the 3D movie glasses, and put electrical tape in between the two lens holes. Put the knee-high socks and sneakers on, attached our suspenders. And lastly we both wrote “Kick Me” signs and stuck them on our backs and secured them with tape. We arrived at the dance and all of our friends we laughing and loving our costumes. My friend Mariah and I are usually the ones making everyone laugh, so this helped to contribute to that cause. All in all, this last second nerd costume turned out pretty great.