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Jenny the Jester Costume – 12 year old on stilts

My daughter Jenny and I have created her Halloween costumes for the past 11 years. She has wanted to use stilts in her costume for several years. This year we were able to make that happen with The Jester costume.

My daughter drew a sketch of the costume she wanted then I went to work creating it. Two harlequin rhombus patterned shower curtains were used to create the pants, skirt and sleeves for the shirt. The shirt is made of a black shirt and a red shirt cut in half then sewn together in the middle. The jester hat was made with red and black material. Ribbons and bells were added to the hat, skirt and collar. The staff is bamboo painted red and black with a gold painted ball and ribbons hot glued to the top. The stilts are standard drywall stilts.

She competed in a local Halloween Costume Contest and won free pizza for a year from a local pizzeria.

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