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Creepy Homemade Costume on Stilts

I decided to make a creepy creature on stilts to win my second costume contest in a row at a local pub in Charlotte. It’s a tradition for my girlfriend and I to create costumes together, have fun and win BIG. First, I had to make several trips to the fabric and hardware store. I made the stilts out of blocks of wood instead of buying painter stilts. I bought foam and put black fabric over it to cover up the stilts. Then, I bought crutches for the arms of my costume. I put more black foam over the crutches. Then, I dyed cheesecloth black to put over all of the fabric. I also added brown fabric to the costume to give it a dark scary look.

Next, I bought a white mask and added lights for the eyes. I placed the mask over my head not  my face so that I could see when I stood on the stilts. My girlfriend dressed as a circus trainer with a matching white mask, top hat, suit and cane. She was my trainer and I was her creepy creature. We scared a lot of folks on Halloween. I will admit it was cumbersome costume to stand in and walk around but it was well worth it.

The picture of the costume is really worth one thousand words. It was way cool and we won!

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