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Cool Killer Whale & Trainer Couple Costume

My husband and I have always done a couple costume, and this year was no different.
I got the idea for the killer whale & trainer costume while thinking about what would be really funny, but also comfortable. Our costume won best group costume.

We acted the part all night; I would get my husband to do a trick, like jump in the air, and I would give him a “treat” (gummy sharks).

At the Halloween party we went to, we even performed a show for all of the guests that included information and a trick show. It was completed with me hopping on my husband’s back to ride around the room waving to everyone. It was truly a great costume.

This costume deserved to win by far. It had creativity, spunk, and the thrill of surprise. We got to interact with others and as well with each other.

My best advice is to have fun with the costume. I believe the win was not just due to the creativity, but it was about embracing the idea and persona of the costume. I have no idea how we will top it next year.

Here’s How We Created the Costumes

Killer Whale Costume

We got a plane black sweatshirt. We cut a white piece of material and cut it into an oblong shape to cover the belly of the sweatshirt. We got google eyes in the shape of the side spot and glued them to the hood of the sweatshirt. We cut a piece of black foam into the shape of the fin and glued it to the back of the sweatshirt.

Trainer Costume:

We ordered a wetsuit and glued a Sea World logo onto the front of the wetsuit.
The costume was paired with a gummy shark bucket and a whistle.
Good luck, and remember it is all about having fun.

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