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Killer Whale and SeaWorld Trainer #1 Couple Costume

My husband’s nickname is “Big Orca” for Halloween. He was a killer whale and I was a sea world trainer. We used all materials from Walmart, just a black hoodie and print and iron fabric! We bought the hoodie and ironed on the outline of a killer whale so when he overlapped his arms, it looked like the mouth of a whale.

My costume was just an old polo with the Sea World logo printed off and ironed on. I also wore rubber rain boots to complete the outfit. He was happy because he was comfortable all night and we matched great! We even used some of the cheap (.99) foam to attach a fin to the back of the hoodie to complete the look. You can’t see it in this picture, but his profile view has a giant fin on his back!

Everyone loved the costume it was unique and funny!

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