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Coolest SeaWorld Trainer and Shamu Couple Costume

I look forward to Halloween every year, even more so now that I’m older and have a husband that is willing to dress up in whatever I make for him! This year he dressed up as Shamu, the killer whale, and I dressed up as a SeaWorld Trainer! His costume started off as a hooded sweatshirt. I added white fabric markings on the head. Then used craft foam to make triangle teeth, which I sewed on to the hood of the sweatshirt. I then made a tail and fin, using black and white fabric and pillow stuffing, and sewed them on to the back of the sweatshirt. He wore black pants and the costume was finished!

My costume was very simple. I bought a sports shirt and tights- made out of a wetsuit type material. Then I downloaded a SeaWorld logo from the internet. I printed the logo onto an iron-on-transfer, and ironed it on to the shirt. I bought a cheap whistle from the store and filled a bucket with goldfish crackers- so I could toss them at my whale and I was all set!

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