Homemade Ursula The Sea Witch Costume

OMG! This was a time consuming beast of a challenge without a sewing machine but SO happy with the outcome!

1) Bought black and purple fabric, quilt batting, thread, needles, chicken wire, stick glue, a black corset, white hair spray, Ursula necklace from Etsy, and earring loops and purple/bakable clay from Michaels. Wore with existing knee high black boots and black leggings.

2) Earrings: Shaped the purple clay into shells, by hand, added earring hoops and baked

3) Tentacles: Cut and matched up a purple and black piece (x6 – Did you know Ursula only had 6 tentacles? Not 8), Sewed together (by hand- NOT recommended unless you have no life ;) ) and turned inside out. Stuffed with batting and put chicken wire inside to manipulate the shape. Sewed onto a thick, sturdy, black belt.

4) Makeup: Used glue stick t o slick down eyebrows. Then applied regular foundation, powder, blush, etc. Eyes- created a high arch eyebrow with black liner, used grey and baby blue shadows, and fake lashes. Lips are MAC Russian Red. And you CAN’T forget the mole! (SIGNATURE URSULA!)

5) Sprayed strips of my hair with white nonpermanent hair spray

* The shell necklace, was the only purchased item from Etsy

Homemade Ursula The Sea Witch Costume

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