Every two years my family and I host an EPIC Halloween party… we call it the Boo Bash (#BeelerBooBash)!  It is held in what we call “Ye Ole Haunted Barn” on Gore Orphanage Rd, Vermilion Ohio (Google the spooky urban legends!!).

Since we knew this would be our last Bash, I was determined to go ALL OUT!! My inspiration came from youtube, pinterest, and cosplay sites… after months of pondering- I knew I had come up with the perfect costume for The Grand Finale!

I am not much of a seamstress but I can craft/glue/paint just about anything!  The wig came from eBay, the corset came from Amazon, I ordered the tentacles from etsy… and all the tulle, glitter, glue, seashells, and other goodies came from the craft store :)

My biggest issue was the tentacles – they came two toned (satin purple and satin black).  I added tons of glitter to each side, added lights, and extended them with tentacle fingers from Amazon.  Then (so I didn’t trip all night) I bent them into drastic shapes and sewed them into evil looking extremities!!  I then crafted all of them over an old belt!

After sticking purple starfish here and there, and making a radical trident- I was ready to go!!  With left over pieces, I made a costume for my beer koozie  :)

As for body paint, I spent hours studying cosplay tutorials and went with acrylic paint mixed with low tack adhesive (I knew there would be much dancing and it had to last all night!!). At the last minute I decided to highlight and low light over the body paint with eye shadow (in retrospect, that is the one thing that I would recommend most- as it took my skin from one dimensional to having depth and structure).

The one last thing that made my costume awesome- are my friends!!  My best girlfriends came as Ariel, Flounder, and Sebastian!  We had the BEST NIGHT!!!  I have made costumes for every party, this was by far my most favorite. I received a lot of rave reviews, so I decided to share it all with you!!  Please enjoy!!